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27th January 2024
Over on Kickstarter, there's a lovely NES/Gameboy game that's looking to be funded.


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Back in 2017, I created the first version of Flappadiddle, and soon thereafter, Ryan Carson asked if he could recreate the game on the NES.

In the time since, he's added hundreds of levels, a whole set of worlds, and much more besides. He's worked insanely hard to squeeze every ounce of memory out of that little cartridge than he can, and absolutely onto a cartridge it's gone.

Seven years later, publisher in hand, his game is up on Kickstarter, hoping to get all the backing it can.
There's oodles of rewards you can get, such as a lovely Diorama, and a complete soundtrack, too.
There's an NES edition, with all of its lovely colourful sprites, and a GameBoy version, to go alongside it. Both available on cartridges, for your favourite oldskool consoles!

Gosh, it certainly looks professional, and shows just how great one of my game ideas might end up, had I ever had the time, effort and dedication to spend 7 years working on the same title.
... Or, you know.... more than a bloomin' week!!!

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Ryan's done a fantastic job, and I hope his Kickstarter reaches its goal.
Since the launch yesterday, it's garnered about 80% of its goal, and hopefully the next week or so can push it over the edge.

If you'd like to support Ryan in his extremely hard work, maybe throw a few dollarpounds towards the kickstarter, and get yourself a beautiful poster of a character that started right here, at AGameAWeek!
.. How odd would that be!?!

You can Help fund the Kickstarter here.

Flap High, Flappy!!!

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