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29th January 2024
Arrgh! My first internet outage in the Bungalow!!


I'm not 100% sure how long I've been offline for. I fell asleep fairly early, last night for a change.
From the look of things, the internet went out at about midnight, last night, though that might be the router freaking out with it's info and not telling me accurate information.
.. Honestly, I don't trust these Virgin routers to ever retain anything beyond their ability to go "beeeeee-burrrrrr" quietly through a chunky wire.
At the last house, I used to have to leave the admin/password as the default.. .. Because it forgot any time there was a powercut.
.. Because.. you know... Flash memory doesn't exist, apparently.

I swear these things have 1970s technology in them.

Right, back to the game, then.

There's a flashing bone.. Collect it to score points, collect more for combos.
Collect a white bone to reset your combo.
There's also bombs that pop up.

The game "kinda" works, but also seems to be missing something.

I'll spend a bit of time, today, trying to work out what that might be.

GotoJSE, btw, is seemingly working well enough without an internet connection, though I daren't hit the refresh button lest I lose access to everything!

Oh, and I tweaked a couple of little JSE bits last night, so that the particles don't end up being drawn onto the BG Buffer... Which they currently are.
I rejigged that last night, whilst hitting refresh on the router, endlessly, but to no avail. So, although the fix is ready to go, it's pretty much just sitting here waiting for a chance to get uploaded.
And today's blog has been written in TextMate and saved to the desktop until I can get around to posting it.

It's 10:30.. Hopefully the net won't be out much longer.
Hmmm.... :/

"Cartoon Derek in a field full of wiggly wires, colourful cables, chaos, lighting, zap, spark, detailed storybook painting" by #DrawThings
Gosh, DrawThings is poor by comparison, isn't it!!!
I might have to retrain my LoRA models at some point.
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