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30th January 2024
So, the internet came back on about 6pm, last night..
But that point, I was, frankly, far too frustrated to focus on doing all the uploading guff that I have to do for AGameAWeek's.


Once my net finally came back on, I ended up giving up for the day, and "finally" catching up on a day's worth of internet happening that I couldn't properly join in with.

I watched a bunch of YouTube stuff in the background, doom scrolled various Social Media sites, posted a ton of links to Ryan's Flap Happy Kickstarter, and faffed about with ArtFlow a bit.

I've asked ArtFlow to generate a bunch of Greenie pics, with him posing against solid backgrounds. That way I can see if feeding those back into a Stable Diffusion trainer can help generate a better LoRA model, which I can then try using in DrawThings.
.. Is that a good idea?!
Who knows!
Might as well try.


This week's game seems playable enough, so I think I'll launch it as-is.
Gotta go do that whole "Screenshots, Logo, Icon, Trailer" guff, now, then get it uploaded.
Should be available in a few hours.
... Assuming my internet holds up!!

"Cartoon @Derek, Frustration, Broken Computer, Screwdriver, Hammer, Wires, Cables, Sparks, Calamity" by #ArtFlow
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