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31st January 2024
Yeah, seems that the "Read from Buffer" part of JSE is all a bit broken, huh..?


I started my uploads of Diggity Doo, last night. YouTube and first, since those link to each other, and then all the other stuff thereafter.
This site is actually one of the LAST places to get the uploads, but only because I made my uploading so bloomin' easy (for me) and I don't constantly change all the buttons every other week like some other sites do.
Posting a game here is a case of hitting "New", then "Game", then typing stuff in a box until it's ready to go. After that it's a drop-down box to select and asset, and an upload button to choose the file. It's really as foolproof as it gets.

As such, this tends to be last, and all the complicated faffing about has to be done in-between.

So I uploaded the YouTube vid, uploaded the game to, and headed on over to SoCoder to post about the game. Midway through, I got a Mastodon notification..

Oh no...
The game's broke on some browsers!?!

I did some stress testing, having to dig out a myriad of virtual windows'ies's and yep.. There it was.. Plain as day.
It's the reading from the backbuffer that's breaking it, and frustratingly it seems to be happening on all the popular Windows browsers. It's perfectly fine in Edge, though, so that's ok!!
.. ugh..

So, do I fix it, or do I just move on?!
I can't think of a way to easily get it working from the "user" side of things, so the only alternative is to dig (!) into JSE's underlying code and figure it out from that side.
Not convinced I can come up with a better way to do it, though.
Might be worth a try.. But .. Will it work?!

... Probably not today, though.
Today I'm off for another diabetes eye test because the last one was "inconclusive".. *shrugs*
After that I've got an ALChoon in desperate need of attention.

Gawd, I'm falling behind again..

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