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1st February 2024
Yesterday was my second Diabetic Eye Screening..
.. because the first one apparently didn't work.


So off we went into town again. Another bus ride.
There's two buses that can take us into town. The local bus we can catch about 5 houses away, whilst the alternative bus is a longer walk, about 20 or so houses away, on the much busier main road.

The alternative bus is an even shorter route than the local bus, but is a heavier bus than the smaller one.

I could feel the weight of the bus, the extra rumble from the larger engine, the thumps as it hit any and all objects on the road. (..think stones and bumps in the road.. not other cars and stuff!! We didn't hit other cars!!)

It wasn't quite as nice a ride as the primary bus, but then it was an infinitely shorter trip, too.
I'm not really sure which one I preferred, if I'm honest, but I think I was a little more queasy after this one.

We did the eye exam, and then because I was still feeling queasy, didn't dare to eat afterwards, so instead walked around a couple of shops.
I was still stumbling as I do, and found it quite difficult to watch my surroundings in the busier couple of shops that we went into.
I did get a nice new jumper, though, so that's good.

All in all, it was an ok day trip. I was much more tired out from the experience, though. I think in future I'll probably aim for one shop instead of two, as the busying around of all the other customers around me was quite a difficult thing to cope with.


Had little or no time to spend on the ALChoon over the past day or two.
It's supposed to be a Wednesday release, but after the whole events of yesterday, I really couldn't bring myself to finish it off.
But the music and lyrics are done. It's a song about limes.
I just need to find a quick and dirty way to make a video for that, now.

"Cartoon @Derek Has A Refreshing Lime Drink" by #Artflow
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