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2nd February 2024
Uhoh, time's getting the better of me.


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You can tell that's rushed..

Good grief, this week's been chaotic.

I feel like I'm about 3 or 4 days behind now.
I've not yet started yesterday's SoCoder Newsletter, I haven't planned next week's game, and in the meantime my new bedroom unit showed up, so I spent yesterday trying my best to build that up without breaking it.
.. It has two misaligned screws poking inside the thing.. bugger..

But it looks good enough, and will soon be cluttered with all the random garbage that I've collected over the years!
It's a "Shoe Bench", so it has plenty of space to hold things, but also has nice narrow shelves so that all the small things aren't taking up giant spaces. Gudgud!
I'm now hunting for a similar "Shoe Rack" that I can fit near/on the desk, to hold the consoles. Not sure if that'll work or not, but I'm hunting!!

Today's Plan
1. Move half the boxes which are currently stacked in the living room again, unpack and shuffle inside the new unit.
2. Decide on a game for this week, and get coding half of it.
3. Oh yeah, and that newsletter, too.

... eeek!

"Cartoon @Derek Relaxing Inside A Videogame Level, Green Hill Zone, 3D, Unreal Render, Landscape" by #Artflow
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