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Y7:Game 3 - Invisible Munky 2
  30th March, 2015
Invisible Munky is BACK!
It only took 10 years for Invisible Munky to re-appear*, and in that time, it's learned an excellent new skill.


Welcome back to Happy Banana Land!
Munky's figured out how to hold and throw rocks, so you're in for a treat, as long as you enjoy smashing creatures in the head with rocks!
Guide Munky through the 50 (FIFTY!!) levels, smashing rocks, collecting bananas, and generally not trying to die along the way.
Jumping. Running. Throwing. Collecting... The game's got it all!!

You can Download Invisible Munky 2 here for Windows, or play it in your browser. The game's also been submitted to OUYA so should be appearing there later tonight.


Handy Hint : If you're finding the game too tricky, head to the main menu's options cog, and switch over to [Easy] mode.

(* Invisible Munky hasn't re-appeared.. It's Invisible!)

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