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5th February 2024
Goodness me, how hard is it to make a clone of Megaball!?


I'm sure Ed and Al (AL!) Mackey would probably agree that it can't all be done in a week, but I'm pushing ahead...
Probably won't be today, though!
It might not be until Wednesday or Thursday before I'm done, but things are at least coming together well enough.

Today I need to build some kind of layout generator to put the levels together. Lines, Circles and Rectangles of bricks should do the trick, maybe a little symmetry to round it all off.

Powerup count : 5.. And the Magnet one's already broke!!!


Tomorrow's Mum's [AGE REDACTED] birthday, and thankfully the card arrived in time. We sent it via Moonpig to our old address, to double check whether the Mail Redirection was even working. It's been a few weeks since we last had any mail sent to the old house, and that seemed like it might be an issue, but thankfully the card showed up.

I haven't "technically" bought her a present, this year. She wouldn't let me. But we both agreed that the amount of stuff we've been buying for the bungalow is more than enough.
It's a shame she won't let me buy her something super-awesome, but .. she's right.. The bungalow still isn't done yet, and if I bought her any of the things she "really" wants, then it'd be something DIY like paint or extra drill bits or something like that, and then she'd feel like I'm giving her a job to do!!!
Nah, best waiting until next week to buy her all that stuff

"Arkanoid : Cartoon @Derek runs around inside a retro neon videogame world full of colourful blocks, bat, ball" by

... Damn.. My game looks bland beside this image!!!
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