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Happy Birthday, Mum! Blog
6th February 2024
Today's Mum's birthday, so I likely won't be coding.
Sounds like a good day for Tetris, methinks.
Might even see if we can find the Scrabble board.


Hmm.. Where IS the Scrabble board?

It'll be in one of the boxes, somewhere.
.. I hope!!!

I certainly hope it turns up, because that was one heck of an expensive Scrabble set!
Then again, if it doesn't, it gives me a good excuse to find a nice new expensive Scrabble set to buy.
Have you seen them, lately, though? All cheap plastic tiles. Hasbro's really done a number on the premium/deluxe sets, that's for sure.

There's a joiner, next door. Perhaps we could persuade him to craft us a special bespoke Scrabble set..!?


The Level Generator is now working well enough, with a few random circles, some random lines, and some simple symmetry. Sorted.
.. It's almost definitely going to draw something resembling a giant penis at some point, I'm pretty sure of it!

And it's pretty damn playable, too.
If I find any time today, it'll probably just be tweaking the speed of things. It can get a bit slow at times, usually when you're getting near the end.
I also have to double/triple check that my "blocks left" counter is working properly. You wouldn't expect that to be a very hard thing to do, but .. there we go!!

I mentioned yesterday that I wouldn't be getting it done until about Wednesday, and today's the reason why. If it wasn't a day spent with Mum, it'd be a day finishing the game off and releasing it today. But family > coding, and it's good to have a day off every once in a while

Michael Fernie commented yesterday.. "Who knows what you could make if you had more time"
... I know .. I'd make a myriad of other completely unrelated things, and then rush the game in the last few hours.
That's what I always do!

"Cartoon @Derek Throws His Mum An Awesome Birthday Party." by #ArtFlow
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