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Doctor Day.. Maybe..? + Health Update Blog
8th February 2024
I'm supposed to be heading to our new Doctor's today, to have the usual blood tests and whatnot, but Mum's not feeling too good, and may need to see a Doctor..


It's 9am. Our appointments are at 10:30 and 10:40, but Mum's still in "trying to wake up" mode.
We were planning on attempting to walk the distance, but given how exhausted Mum is right now, I'm thinking Taxi.. .. Or perhaps not at all.
Hopefully if we do get there we can chat to a doctor, or at least the nurse who'd be stabbing us for blood, about her symptoms. She's kinda breathless and not feeling very energetic.
I've done what I can, in the realm of "the Amazon".
Ordered some air filter things and an Oximeter finger test doohickey, but actually getting some assistance is pretty difficult when you still haven't set foot in your new GP's health center yet!!!

Moving is hard, people.. Don't do it!!!

Health in General

Though the move has hit Mum kinda hard, it's had almost the reverse aspect on me. My tongue is no longer the horrifically permanent white colour that it was, and I'm starting to feel a little more energetic from the number of walks we've been doing.

Slowly but surely over the past decade, my "Outdoor Steps per Year" figure pretty much plummeted and then stayed down at the bottom.
It's not been good..

But since we moved to the bungalow, I'm more motivated, and have tried my best to have a walk at least two or three times a week.
The result is a HUGE increase in the number of steps I've been achieving.
This year alone has beat out a number of the last decade's steps, and it's only February.

More walking is great, and I think the results speak for themself, in as far as how much more "with it" I'm feeling in general.
Am I walking any better, though? .. To be honest, not so much.
I'm still stumbling around like crazy, and it's getting harder and harder to hide my "trying to stand up straight and talk to someone outside, but stumbling around like crazy" issues from people. The stumbling is getting more and more pronounced, and when you walking, Mum's having to link my arm to keep me stumbling at all times.
Used to be she could let me "off my leash" every once in a while, but nowadays.. not so much.
Bah, humbug, etc..

The head movement is also still incredibly pronounced, and the constant change in the weather of late hasn't helped that in the slightest. One day it's nice and sunny, the next rain, and later on in the day where's mountains of snow!
Typically British weather, but the changing temperature means the fluid in my head undergoes viscosity changes, thicker when cold, runnier when warm, and that leads to an ever changing amount of rolling/goopiness in my head when I try to turn around.

If it was always the same, I'm sure I could get used to it, but as it is, every day's a new adventure in the realm of dizziness and nausea.

Oh, the fun..


Today I need to draw an animate a lion. Not looking forward to that, I'll be honest.
The ALChoon is about 90% done, with just the middle verse needing filled in, but otherwise it seems good enough.

Greenie's managed to draw a much better lion than I ever could.

"Cartoon @Derek Trying To Draw A Cartoon Lion On A Large Animators Board" by
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