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9th February 2024
Full of flu, this morning.
I think whatever floored Mum yesterday, has hit me hard, too.
Today will be a day full of laziness and sitting and.. Probably more coding. Why not..


Did an online order, added cough remedies galore! Syrups, lozenges, chicken soups and more.
That won't be here for a few hours, though, so we're going to have to suffer through the morning.

A nice spicy curry for tea oughta shift it.

In the meantime, then, I need to start thinking about a game for next week.
I really need to "AGameAWeek" things up a bit. This year's mostly been remakes of classics, so far, and I've not been slamming ideas together into bizarre mashups like I oughta be.

Let's roll the dice and see what crazy ideas comes up.


A 2 and a 5.

Well, that's not helping..

"Cartoon @Derek Receives His Online Grocery Shopping Order." by

Mmm, Tonko. My favourite!
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