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10th February 2024
Me and Mum are both equally as floored, right now.
The Covonia's helping a lot, so we're fairly sure it's just a regular flu and not the dreaded Covid.


I tried my best to get some sort of game going, yesterday, and though I have a vague idea what sort of game I want to make, I'm not really certain how I'm going to differentiate it from the hundreds of other games.
Currently going with the title "Bob on Ice", I'm not 100% sure on the movement method, nor do I really know what the plan of the game is going to be.
To be honest, there's not much more in my head than a title, and an image of a large ice rink.

Maybe the flu's in my head and I'm hallucinating having even come up with an idea!!

Oh dear.

I have an ALChoon to make, too.
This week's not going to go well, is it!?!

Might end up having a week off, if I'm honest.

"Cartoon @Derek Checks The Weather. It's Still Raining. Umbrella." by

Bit cross-eyed, there!!!
Perhaps he really hates the rain!?
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