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13th February 2024
Well, that idea didn't last...


The other day we found the clock mechanisms we'd once bought from off-of the Amazon.
I bought them when the old kitchen clock died, and we replaced the broken mechanism inside that with one of the new ones.
They're pretty easy to replace. Remove the plastic from from the clock, carefully take the hands off, unscrew the square from the back, replace with a new one, put the hands back on, then the front. Job done.

And they came in a pack of three, so I had two leftover that ended up in the shed.

Since the move, and we're still unpacking random things, the mechanisms showed up once more.

So I slapped one on my wall with the extra hands that the set came with, and ...
Yeah, I could do something, there..
I thought about making little printable cut-out numbers, and spent the next couple of days wondering what might make nice videogame based numbers.
Then I uncovered my sets of magnetic sheets. I have a Sonic and a Mario set of little magnetic "Sprites" that had come from all of those "Arcade Blocks" mystery/subscription boxes that once existed.

Right then..
The plan..

1. Order a magnetic whiteboard sheet, stick it to the wall.
2. Drill a hole for a hook in the middle for the clock mechanism to fit onto, as it currently is, but slightly less "big giant screw in the wall", and a bit more neater.
3. Magnetic numbers, random magnetic sprites, sorted...

This morning, I woke up with the plan in mind, and ..

.. Oh, the clock's dead.

Well, bugger that idea, then.

"Cartoon @Derek Tries To Fix His Clock. DIY, Mechanical, Clockwork Dreamscape, Fantasy, Cogs, Surreal" by

Oh dear, that's not gone well, Greenie...
Maybe you should leave the clockmaking to the professionals.
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