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17th March 2024
I came up with a unique and interesting concept for the shooter game yesterday.
Amazingly unique.
You've never seen it before, anywhere!!


What if you had two weapons. A red and a blue. And you shoot at red and blue enemies. And only the red bullets impact the red enemies and the blue impacts the blue.

OMG, that's an amazing idea!!

... Oh, no, wait...

It's Ikaruga, isn't it.
.. Bugger.

Aw well, never mind. It'll do. I'm not exactly in the mood to scrap another game, this week.

If you've any suggestions for titles, let them be known in the comments.


I flew around in my No Man's Sky ship for a while, yesterday. Managed to get a little bit closer to the galactic centre. It's quite a trip, that's for sure.
I also wandered around a couple of planets, built a new temporary base, and traded a few half-dozen elements, but I'm not prepared to settle down until I'm closer to the galactic centre. .. Then I can build my super-megabase, and name it "Super Platdude Megabase" and.. then kinda wander about a bit more.


It is a nice relaxing wander-em-up, but I must admit, the planets all do see quite samey.
Could do with a new game to wander around in.
Suggestions are welcome..

"Cartoon @Derek stands beside his spaceship on an alien world, No Man's Sky - The Animated Series" by

.. Sure would be nice if the game looked that good!
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