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18th March 2024
Been in an email conversation with someone who wants an offline edition of JSE.


The main issue he's having is that the browser cache is clearing out every time he opens it, so although I've coded a lovely engine that "would" run offline, there's nothing left for it to run when he closes the browser.
It's also an extra level of complication that he's using ChromeOS to run it, so I wouldn't have the foggiest how to start working on that end of things, either.

Does ChromeOS have the ability to "Save this as a webapp"? I guess that's a possibility, but will the "Clear all he cache all the time" impact that version, too?

Bah, users!!!
The world of gamedev would be infinitely easier if other people weren't always "playing" the results with their different systems breaking things in unique and unusual ways!


The iOS dev is going well enough, I think, maybe..
I rewrote how the engine stores and performs all the drawing, yesterday, so that it doesn't keep adding and then deleting each sprite every frame.
Instead, it keeps all the sprites in memory, and simply moves them around each frame.
This is the "normal" way of doing things, and after a good couple of hours work, it's resulted in..
... Oh, it's exactly the same framerate.
Well, wasn't that all worth it.

I tried to get multitouch working, but I'm having the exact same issue that I had in JSE, in that the touches are overwriting each other if you hold one finger and tap another.
I *think* I solved that in JSE, though, so I might have to have a peek at how I managed it, over there, in the hopes of carrying it over.

I certainly hope that I can, because not being able to get touches working is all a bit daft!

Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

This week's game will probably not be today, because I haven't touched it at all since Saturday.
*tsk* Lazy Jay.

It's a simple enough idea, but I definitely think it needs something special to make it a bit more than generic space shooter #9185
I'm just not sure what.
Or what to call it.

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