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19th March 2024
Oops, missed another Monday.
It's ok, though, the game's almost ready.


Just a little balancing, this morning, and then our Red/Blue blaster will be ready to go.
I've added *gasp* Extra Lives to this one, so balancing will be all about making sure those lives don't over-accumulate. I might have to put an upper limit on how many lives you can have at once, so it doesn't get silly.

It's quite a fun little blaster, right now, so hopefully I don't overdo it when I'm adding the enemy bullets. That's pretty much the only thing missing, right now. .. Probably should've added those by now, but things have been slightly chaotic as far as juggling all the many projects goes.

Probably not the best time to be thinking "I wonder what I'm doing for Advent, this year..."....


The ALChoon's turned out lovely, but currently doesn't have lyrics.
The choon will be Zinc "L"..
An L word.
Hmmm.. What starts with the letter L?

"Cartoon @Derek composes a modern masterpiece of melodical musical marvel." by
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New games every week!
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