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20th March 2024
This week's game turned out ok, right?!
Time for another project, then!


The current todo list of "Priority" side projects.

1. That whole iOS thing.
2. See if I can get JMTrackr (JXM) to export to a format that Deflemask can load.

On top of that, there's that JSE-Cloud thing that I started last June, I need to look into getting JSE to work in an offline capacity.

I really could do with some kind of permanent volume sliders for JSE, too, but where do those go, especially once you've exported a HTML5 project?!

And then there's Advent.
I need to think about some sort of unusual concept that I can put together for the end of the year.
I keep going back to "Large platform game with levels unlocking each day", but I'm not 100% sure I can pull that off, especially not in any of the online web-frameworks that are currently hosting my games.
.. Uhoh, don't overthink that, Jay, or you'll be making another new site!!

Today, however, I need to focus on getting the ALChoon done. There's still no lyrics yet, so no video either.
Not really sure what direction this one's going to take, if I'm honest.

"Cartoon @Derek holds his nerve as the chaos of a giant todo-list swirls endlessly around him. Surreal artwork" by
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