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21st March 2024
Today, I need to tackle some sort of video for this week's ALChoon..
Oh dear, I've written a "story" again..


Lettuce, Lettuce
Green and Round
Best friend that I have found

There's a lettuce, a tomato, a cricket, a farmer...
I'm going to have to draw and potentially animate a whole bunch of things, today.

How do you draw a blushing tomato!? They're already red!!

Goodness me, I really have to stop writing lyrics for these things.


I got the mutlitouch on the iOS engine to work in a way that I can cope with. It's quite messy code, but it works, so that's enough for me!
You can read about that over on the SoCoder thread. in this post, with a little code snippet included.

Michael Fernie emailed to ask if Chatbots are "that good" at programming, and .. To a degree, sure, they're quite quite good!
They're also annoyingly wrong in places, though, whether that's because they have an already out-of-date knowledge base, or simply because of the whole A.I'ness of it all. And, when they're wrong, they don't know they're wrong, and will convincingly try to persuade you that they're definitely write, and that you're doing something wrong!!!

Some people have managed to get entire engines from the things, and even a couple of fully formed games, but since I'm the sort of person who actually enjoys the thrill of the code, I've not been using the A.I. like that.
Instead, I've been spitballing ideas with the A.I. to see if it can give me tips, pointers, or even come up with methods that I hadn't previously thought of.

I can ask it how to do something better, or why a line of code is failing, and it'll usually help diagnose any issues.
I've found it's rather bad at optimising anything security based, though. If I feed chunks of my website's code into it, and ask it to optimise it, one of the first things it optimises is removing all that "silly" code that slows it down, because it's obfuscating and generating hashes and the like.
No, A.I.. Don't remove that bit! That's the important bit!!

I mean, it's not "wrong". That's typically the stuff that slows everything down, but.

I think it's great that we have these chatbots. They have a use, and spitballing with them is fantastic. Just, don't 100% rely on them.
Use your noggin, and try to keep a couple of steps ahead of it.
Read and double check everything that it tells you, and don't let your guard down for one second!!
But do have a play with them. They're great!

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