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23rd March 2024
Right, the iOS stuff is officially scrapped.
I might as well get that planned game done elsewhere.


Shoebox seems the likeliest candidate for the game.
It shouldn't be too hard to put together, either, given that Shoebox has a bunch of functionality that actually suits the game rather well.
It's been just over a year since my last Shoebox game, so it's definitely time I focussed on that a bit.

I started thinking, yesterday, about giving Shoebox an overhaul. Neatening it up a bit, nips and tucks, a better looking interface, that sort of thing.
I've certainly learned a TON of stuff about Javascript dev and all the associated optimisations and things, over the years. Is a graphical overhaul needed?

I wonder what sort of style it could end up with?
If you have any suggestions, let them be known in the comments.


JSE got a couple of those nips and tucks, yesterday, as I realised I had a few tweaks I could make to the text output functionality.
That seemed like it went rather well, up until I tested .. everything else.. and it wasn't!
Misalignments, scaling issues, everything was showing up, all at once.
What on earth happened, I'm really not sure, but I'll put it down to having had a lousy week, and will attempt it again later today.

I had to Ctrl-Z* a lot of code, yesterday.
Hopefully, today, I can manage to do the same thing, better, and without needing to undo it all afterwards!!

* Command-Z.. I'm on a Mac, now. I still call it Ctrl-Z.

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