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25th March 2024
Yesterday I'd planned a complete and total rewrite of the Shoebox.
When I looked into it, it seemed like a job more complicated than I could ever possibly imagine.
Then I sat and thought about it for a while..
Why don't I just redraw bits and tweak it, instead?


The Shoebox's letter games now have square coloured blocks in place of the blue circular bubbles.
Is it better?
The people I've asked seem to think it "reads" better, so I guess that's the important bit, right?!

If you prefer the bubbles, though, you can simply head into the options and toggle the toggle.
The whole thing is using an extra 1.2Mb, since it now needs to keep both spritesheets in the file cache.
Today I'll look into optimising that a little, see if I can make things a little bit neater.

I could also do with optimising the whole engine a bit. It really does eat your battery, nowadays! I'm sure there's a ton of nips and tucks I could do to the engine to help reduce that a bit, especially with all the lessons I've learned from JSE over the past couple of years.

Next up, I guess, will be tweaking the rest of the engine to look a little less .. .. "Jayenkai"..?
Gradient filled boxes, less of that [X] where I couldn't be bothered to draw a button.. Things like that. They're all over the place!

Give the whole engine a proper interface.
Yeah, that'll be next on the list, I reckon.

As always, chip in with your thoughts.
Do you like the new tiles, or do you prefer the bubbles?!
Let me know!

You can Play the Shoebox here.

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