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27th March 2024
Oh no, I have TONS to catch up on, today.


Yesterday was spent finishing off this week's game. I'll be uploading that in a short while, and the accompanying blog will be quite waffly.
But all the work I've been putting into the game has meant I haven't yet truly started this week's ALChoon, so that'll need to be done quick-step if I want to release that at any sensible point in the next 24 hours!!

The todo list of side projects is currently stuck, due to all the other stuff, but I'd really like to get Deflemask/JXM integration working at some point, and then there's all the work with Shoebox to do.

I also need to delve deeper into Offline options for JSE. But then I also have to start adding a few error messages into that, as well as the possibilities of expanding its capabilities a bit. I'm not really sure how I'd be doing that, mostly because I can't think of anything "simple" I can add to it, that won't overly complicate things in a horrific manner!!

.. Yeah, there's plenty to keep me occupied.

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New games every week!
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