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30th March 2024
There'll be nothing accomplished, today.


At about 10:30 last night, I was up and about, stumbling into the hallway, and falling onto the floor.
"Are you ok?" asked Mum, but no response. I was up, though. I'd managed to get back up and stumbled towards the bathroom, before collapsing once more.

This second collapse is what woke me up.
I'd been sleepwalking, something that I only tend to do when I'm really quite unwell.

This flu is in my bones, in my chest, in my head.
Dang, it's a killer.

We got me back into bed, and I slept through the night without any more issues, but I've awoken kinda breathless and mostly braindead, so I think I'll likely be taking things at a slower pace for the next few days.

Nanite, all!

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