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31st March 2024
Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it.


I was 100% intending to make a top-down maze game, where you have to run around collecting colourful eggs.
That's the vague idea for a game in my head.
The fact that I haven't even so much as clicked "New Project" in JSE, should pretty much clue you in to how rough I've been feeling over the past few days.

I might try to get it done for tomorrow, though. My head still feels a little fudged, and side-to-side glancing is taking about 3 seconds before my head feels where it oughta. Dang, that's rough.
I didn't have too bad of a night, though, and managed to sleep right through all the point when all the clocks went forward an hour, waking up at 9am, which was really 8am. ..
I'm quite alert, though, and am feeling like I might be in the right sort of mindset for coding.
But can I?
Who knows.

If there's an easter game, then yes.
If not, assume I went back to bed again!!

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