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Y7 - D150 : Fingers Crossed
30th May 2015  


OK, I *think* I managed to post Invisible Munky 2, correctly, to iTunes Connect!
Unfortunately, due to the world in which Apple operates, we're going to have to wait just over a week to know for sure, as we wait for it to get through the stringent Apple Review gubbins.
No doubt, even if it's as broken as Cardagain is, it'll still get through, so I'll be counting on the masses of Twitter-folk to let me know if it works on all the different types of devices that are out there.

My findings : The "RUN!" button in XCode is best avoided for your final compilation. Instead use the Build option in the menu. Be sure to Clean, first!
A simple concept, but one that my stress-riddled brain wasn't contemplating at the time..!

So, with that done and dusted, I got back to thinking about SpikeDislike3's missing themes. I left enough menu space for 15 themes, and those last two weren't decided yet.
I tried out a couple of themes..

First, an "iOS7" inspired theme.

It looked ok, but once it was in motion, all those thin lines made for a terrible in-motion graphical frightfest! It really wasn't good on the eyes, and made for a lot of unnecessary deaths.
In truth, the "Lava" theme is similarly hard to see, but that was done on purpose, whereas this one was just rubbish!!!


Next, I attempted a theme based on RetroRaider.


Which, again, turned out horribly.. Lots of lines.. Lots of thin graphics. A very busy background..
Again, the resulting screen-chaos was all too much, and this theme was also scrapped.

So, what to do?
I headed back into the archives, and dug out Sheepy!
Literally ripping the graphics straight from a 4 year old game, I quickly cobbled the final two themes together, and they both worked out great.
RetroRaider got a reskin using Sheep Goes Left's Egyptian theme, leading to a much less chaotic background that worked much much better.


Meanwhile, the official Sheep Goes Left theme took a slight detour, and ended up as the underground theme, instead of the overground one.
I might redo that, I'm not sure. But happily the "Goes Left" bit seemed to work out quite nicely.


Daily Doodle : The Highscore!

Platdude earned a new highscore on StarBlast, and got his photo taken!


Today's mail comes from "Ramalamadingdong" who obviously isn't a real person!!

How much plat could a Platdude plat if a Platdude could plat, dude?


Well, Mr Dong, I think you might've spelt Plait wrong.
Plaiting hair is tricky enough with fingers, so I'm not entirely sure how Platdude (who has no hands) would find it. However, he does have gripping/pulling abilities, so I believe he'd probably find a way to plait, if he tried his hardest. He is, after all, a daring hero! He'll try anything, once.

If he can, indeed, plait, then I imagine Platdude would be able to plait for quite a while. Unfortunately, rope, sting and even hair, is difficult to find in Platland, so that would probably be his main disadvantage.

If you'd like to stuff my mailbag, (please do!!) you can do so right here, at Send comments, questions, game ideas, thoughts and more, and they'll probably turn up here, eventually.

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