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24th June 2024
Didn't get an awful lot of coding done, yesterday.


It was far too hot, and my brain went to rot. I tried again and again to get things done on my game, but all the heat was too much, and I just sat here tweaking VidGen instead, whilst my poor little brain was too warm.

I made an attempt at a fractal like generator, that drew some kind of germinated sprites onto layers. I'd hoped that the outcome would be sort of surreal, but in the end it just looked blurry and not all that great.

I hate it when things don't work out, but when the weather gets like that I guess I just have to put up with the fact that I'm not going to get much done.
It's warm again this morning. I hope it's not as bad. The fans are all on standby, though, of that I'm rather glad.
I had to buy some extra USB extension leads so the fans could all be spread around the room. There aren't that many plugs inside the house. Thank goodness that I bought the USB fans. At least that way we only have small thin cables to trip over, not ginormous power-cables everywhere!

Who knows. In the future we might invest in getting an electrician to do up our power plug situation.
For now though, it's enough.
The fans only come out when it's roasting!

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