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26th June 2024
You now what the worst thing about running a MacOS Beta is?
Other than the insane levels of heat it generates whilst doing naff all.
It's the hard drive space running away at frantic levels.


Yesterday, the free hard drive space on my MacBook had plummeted from 120Gb space down to only 10.
MacOS has a lovely "Manage Storage" display which tells you, roughly, what's taking up all your space, and...

The "System Data" section won't go into any more detail, it just "is", and you have to put up with that.
It usually sits around 32Gb from what I've seen, but..

I tried using "Clean My Mac", but that did the obvious thing of going "Hey, you have loads of 1Mb games taking up hundreds of megabytes of space in your JNK Software folder", and not actually fixing the main culprit.
And so, I did what I had to do, to save a bit of space.
I told Photos to offload ALL of my photos to the cloud, but for the current few, and that saved about 50Gb.

I'm currently up to 60Gb, but am watching as the system gradually realises it can gobble up more of that for it's magical "System Data", and.. As I write this.. it's already up to 242Gb..
Fuxake, Apple...

Obviously, this sort of stuff only happens in the Developer Beta stage, but it's really really frustrating.
They say you should keep about 10% of your drive space free at all times, and as much as I try to do that, it's super hard when the OS itself is munching away every byte that it can find.

Roll on the Public Beta!!!

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