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28th June 2024
We headed to the local cafe, yesterday.


My Aunt came to visit, and Mum decided to take her to the local Cafe, which is attached to the petrol station at the top of the main road. (Corner Gas and The Ruby sprang to mind!!)

I hadn't yet attempted the local cafe.
We've managed the one in town near the bus station a couple of times, but that's barely any steps at all to reach it. Enough to the local bus, then from the bus to the cafe. Easy!

But this cafe is all the way towards the local Tesco, and as such it's a longer walk for me. Which isn't ..too.. bad, but I'm also worried about the smells of foods cooking, which can frequently cause my nausea to kick off and leave me unwilling to eat. .. and/or worse!

Thankfully, this cafe was nice and quiet, and there didn't seem to be any unwanted cooking smells.
Me, Mum and my Aunt all sat in the cafe, got a plate of chips each, and enjoyed them.
They were really nice chips, crispy and fluffy and nom nom!

The longer we sat, though, the busier the cafe got, and as the voices grew louder and louder, the head swirling finally started to kick in. For the last few minutes or so, I was reduced to sitting silently, sipping the last of my latte, and scrolling on my phone for a bit.
I also captured a chunk of audio, which I'll be using for an ALChoon in three weeks...!!!

We eventually left, and as I reached the fresh air outside it felt like a huge bubble of nausea hit me all at once. We still had to walk home, which I did mostly silently, stumbling around a little more than usual.
During the walk home I was left staring at the floor, no more than about half a meter away from me, desperately trying to stay on the footpath, and not really being able to look around at all. Kinda got pretty "closed in" there, if I'm honest.

But I made it, just about.
Me and Mum are thinking of making that a semi-regular thing, now that we know I can at least vaguely manage the walk there and back, and the eating/noise/smells in the middle. Maybe once a month? Maybe every other week? Who knows.
We'll see.

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