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30th June 2024
I spent most of yesterday preparing a few things for the next few weeks.


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For the next ALBum, I've opted for "Recorded", and (if all goes well) each track will include some sort of recorded sample somewhere in the mix.

I've got most of Recorded A (Ambience) ready, and Recorded C (Cafe) has ended up sounding pretty decent. Still need to decide what B will be, though, and lyrics need to be added to both A and C, too.
But it's a fairly decent start for both tracks.
I need to start recording more audio, it seems.
The iPhone has been doing plenty of double-time as a little dictaphone in recent days.

Over on SoCoder, I posted a new month of creativity challenge for July. A single word each day to hopefully spark a little creativity in a minor way. It's been a good while since I last did a challenge like that.
I wonder if I might be able to code a little example/tutorial in JSE for each day?
That might be interesting.

As far as JSE and the Transpiler goes... I really have left that abandoned far too long, and I definitely need to get back into it, so I think I might set aside the "Driggle da Whoop Whoop" game (which.. honestly, doesn't look like it's going anywhere) in lieu of getting some of the Transpiler working.

In fact, if I'm honest, it might be a good time to take a bit of a break from AGameAWeek for maybe the month of July. Things have slowed to a crawl (again!) and I feel like I need to focus on something important.
That something is likely the Transpiler.
Hopefully I can just get that done, or as much as I can.
I might try to use the July Creativity thing to make fun little tutorials that are playable, and so those can exist as little daily mini games or something.
I dunno.

I'm not really prepared at all, am I!?

But then. I never am!

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