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1st July 2024
Over the course of July, I'm going to attempt to make a little play thing in JSE every day.


I'm not sure how well I'm going to manage. Whether I'll keep up this plan for the entire month or not. Will I grow bored? Will I get stuck? Will I run out of ideas. .. Or time?
Who knows.
Either way, this is apparently what I'm doing this month, so I guess we'd all better get used to it.

I initially suggested I could make these as tutorials, but once I started getting into the apparent chaos of it all, I ended up scrapping any sort of tutorial methodology, and just scrappily coding whatever the heck came to mind.

The result of day one, Ripples, isn't exactly a game. It's definitely not a tutorial.
It's just sort of ended up as a little experimental example thing, and I guess that's where we're going to be headed for the month.
Maybe during the course of the month, I might stumble upon some curious ideas which could be expanded into full games?
That might be fun.

If anything you see over the next few weeks seems like it might make for a game concept, be sure to let me know in the comments.

For today, however, we have Ripples, which you can play with here.

Tap/Click to Ripple..

It's less of a ripple, and more an explosion, but they do kinda ripple a bit.. Maybe..
It's not a bad little example.
Let me know what you think of this, and whether it's worth me carrying on with this for the next 30 days!!

A.I. Corner

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