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3rd July 2024
The third word for July is "Whispering"


You can Play with Whispering in JSE

Whispering became a simple text display, but a nice soft fuzzy one with per-letter fading and movement.
The whispers are hushed in the darkness of the void!

Play-wise, you can move the mouse/touch close to the words and they'll scatter away.
That's about it, really, but it is a lovely effect for the words.
Might be nice to implement that sort of scattering into VidGen, too.

I forgot to mention where I'm getting these daily words from, by the way.

This is the complete list, and there's also a SoCoder Thread dedicated to it.

There's a few interesting words in the calendar that might be rather fun to tackle.
Flicker and Glitch could make for interesting effect experiments, and I can see Spiral becoming some sort of fun little toy to play with.
I do hope I can continue to make these, over the whole month. .. Though I seem to be spending a fair amount of time doing these and not working on that Transpiler once again.

You can Play with Whispering in JSE

A.I. Corner

: Download | Suno Link

Alternative version
: Download | Suno Link
Sung by Suno

"Cartoon @Derek and the whispers of the night, wispy, clouds, haze, smoke, mystery" by

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