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5th July 2024
The fifth word for July is Shadow.
So I made a shadow.


You can Play with the Shadow in JSE

It's not a very exciting shadow, but it does at least illustrate the fact that you can skew the text, which I guess is a neat feature to have.
The light typically just moved left to right at a preset height, but you can use mouse or touch to move it to a different location. I'm not sure the height works as well as I'd like, though, which is why the default movement keeps things on a level plane!
It's a decent enough effect. I'm not sure I can think of an interesting game mechanic to use it for, though.

Any thoughts, leave 'em in the comments!

You can Play with the Shadow in JSE

A.I. Corner

: Download | Suno Link

Alternative version
: Download | Suno Link
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