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10th July 2024
Burst is the word of the day for the tenth day of July.


You can See all the bursts here.

I tried and considered a game that could work, but I think that my mind was already fried from the fact that I made two games already in the past couple of days.
I actually considered making a Puzzle Bobble style thing, but when I started trying to do that, I realised very quickly that this wasn't going to happen.
Instead, then, a simple radial burst with an occasional burst ring, and a giant spike because why the heck not.

It's rather hypnotic so again only watch for 18 hours at a time, or you might end up somehow liking spikes or something. I dunno, that could be dangerous.

You can See all the bursts here.

A.I. Corner

: Download | Suno Link

Alternative version
: Download | Suno Link
Sung by Suno

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