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11th July 2024
The word for July 11th is Haze


You can Play Haze here.

I tackled this with the obvious mentality of "a hazy scrolling parallax mountain view", and that worked pretty well, but I felt it was lacking something.

"Hey, why not add an alien creature, since it looks so much like Shadow of the Beast", said an insane voice inside my head.
I tried that, and then I gave up trying to animate a running alien creature.
Instead, then, I drew a little army jeep and plopped two well-trained cadets in the thing.

Brum brum brum goes the little Jeep.
.. But, no.
I needed more.

So I added a giant flying monster, and then spitballed the title with ChatGPT for a while, until Haze became an acronym, and the game felt perfectly adequate.

There's no winning this game. You can't beat the Zephyraptors, but you can bounce a happy little ball over the top of it to score points.
Isn't that enough?!
I'm tired now!

Brum brum brum
goes the little Jeep. (Jeep)
Brum brum brum
with a little beep. (Beep)
Bang bang bang
goes the happy ball (a happy ball)
Bounce bounce bounce
Until he falls (weeeeee)

You can Play Haze here.

A.I. Corner

: Download | Suno Link

Alternative version
: Download | Suno Link
Sung by Suno

"Cartoon @Derek stands in a hazy wonderland" by

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