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PRC2 : Day 2 : Titlescreens
27th February 2009  
This time around, every game will have it's own quickly made titlescreen.
Not wanting to spend too much time doing each one, I figured I'd get away with doing NES style titles. They're simple, but effective.

I'm deciding all this, now, because it's so much easier than having to frantically throw it all together, later on, with 10 or so games all needing to be worked out!

So, the style right now is, Title of game at the top, highscores below, and "Press Start" below that.
Nothing fancy, just enough to say "And now, here's....."
I also figured that, if that were on the bottom screen, then the top screen would probably do for placing the nice subtle control scheme icons, from last time.

Next up, how to actually draw decent sized Game Titles.
If I did "Proper" NES style, I'd need to draw a logo for every single game. But that'll eat up space that can be better used elsewhere, so instead I opted for a "Big Font, Plain Titles" approach.
If you've played Tuesday's Idigidragon game, it's the same front from there. Albeit a little smaller, since I can't seem to get REALLY big fonts to work. (16x16 pixels)
Still, the font's big enough that it looks nice and retro-ish, but also small enough I can fit a decent amount on the screen. So, it oughta be quite useful in the long term.

I've also added two smaller fonts.
One for basic 8x8 text, and then a really small 3x5 tiny font for score displays and the like.

Lovely stuff!

So, with the fonts taken care of, it's time to start work on some actual game graphics.
I'm not 100% sure what they'll end up looking like, but it'll be fun to find out.


Now, which game to make first!?

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