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Y7 - D287 - Fumbling with Unknowns
14th October 2015  


I've never had to properly debug an Android device, before, so yesterday's attempts were new ground for me.
Usually when one of my games break, I can easily repeat the break, and figure out exactly why it's happening, but feedback from PlayJam over my games crashing on their latest device, have had me somewhat baffled.
There doesn't seem to be a specific point where they're crashing, or rather, there's no reason for them to be crashing where they are, as other Android devices carry on through without having any problems in those same areas.
It's probably going to take a few days of sending various .apks to the PlayJam folks until I can figure out exactly what's going on with the thing, so pretty much everything else is being slowed down even further.

One day, I'd like to get back to doing NeonPlat's Cosmic Adventure!!!

(And no music, either!! Been busy!!!)


Daily Doodle : Caverns can be Dangerous

Dark caverns and dodgy looking spiky things dangling above your head.
Caverns aren't a pleasant place..
Platdude carries a torch, and watches out for bats!

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