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Y7 - D291 - Starting Anew
18th October 2015  


Given that I've got so much on my plate, what with having to fix up the 42 OUYA games, and get NeonPlat's Cosmic Adventure done, you'd probably not expect me to start a new project right now.


Last night I took Alpha Collexion, stripped out all the games and graphics, and settled down to do it all again.
Work on Beta Collexion has begun, and I'm halfway through Game #1.
In reality, if I want to get everything ready for Dec 1st, I should be ready to start on Game #2, so I'm certainly need to speed things up a little.
As it was, though, it felt good to get some actual proper game coding done.


Note : The Lego-ish brick is my "temporary/all purpose" sprite!

My Coding schedule is now, roughly..
Morning : Pixelart doodle, upload, and Daily Blog.
Afternoon : Recompile a broken OUYA game and upload to both OUYA and GameStick.
Evening : Make a game for the Advent Collection (Beta Collexion).

Which leaves me with practically 0 time for NeonPlat, which has once again been put on the backburner.
By December, I'll have finished doing the OUYA thing, and (hopefully!!) have Beta Collexion released, so time should be freed up to finish off NeonPlat properly.
Why do I give myself all these tasks!?

... Boredom, mostly!


Daily Doodle : Platdude with Attitude

Long before becoming a heroic adventurer, Platdude was a bit of a Punk.
What's with the hair?!

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