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Beta Collexion - J - Judo Bots
  9th December, 2015
Beta Collexion is my Advent Calendar of Games for 2015. 26 wonderfully playable little games, all wrapped in a lovely giftwrapped bundle.
Beta Collexion can be found here, in the Jayenkai Archive.
You can Download it for Windows, Play it in your browser via GameJolt, Play it on OUYA or a Razer Forge/Cortex device, Play it on a PlayJam GameStick, or even download an .apk if you have a suitable Game Controller enabled Android device.

Judo Bots

Fight against the training bots.
Judo Bots


Left/Right to run.
Hold Button and Left/Right to hit in that direction.
Hold Button and Up/Down to jump to that level.

How Not To Lose
Don't let a bot see you, or it'll zap you.
Always be behind the bot!

I quite like this game. But it could easily be so much bigger and better.
Pickups, Enemy types, Bosses... There's loads of ways to improve this game.
.. *shrugs*

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