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Release - 2016-3 - Penguin Parade
  19th January, 2016
The Penguins are out on parade.
Guide them to their happy hole, to finish each level.



You can Download here for Windows, play it on GameJolt, or grab the .apk for Android TV. It's not yet gotten through OUYA or GameStick reviews, yet, though.

The Brief

A nice and easy little "guidance" game, this week, as you use the skills provided to help the Penguins find their way through a variety of mazes.
Try not to waste too many of the skills, though, as you'll be needing them in later levels!



Although this game does indeed work with Mouse and Keyboard, the control scheme was designed for a Gamepad, so where possible try to use one!!
Switch Penguin : Left and Right
Switch Skill : B and N (or shoulder buttons)
Use skill on selected penguin : Z or Spacebar, or the bottom-most face button on your controller!

How not to Lose

Don't run out of skills, Don't run out of time, and Don't kill any penguins!

What I didn't do/Possible Improvements

Making levels for this game was such a chore..
Having made the skills accumulate, I needed to test, test and test again, in order to ensure each and every level was doable.
Add to that, the fact that I didn't have an editor, so was doing it all using ascii maps, and you can imagine the whole endeavour wasn't exactly easy to achieve!!

Next time, if there is a next time, I'll probably start with a level editor!!

I can only apologise that there are only 15 levels.. .. And that took me 2 weeks!!

You can Download here for Windows, play it on GameJolt, or find it on your OUYA/Cortex/GameStick device of choice!

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