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JNKPlat3D 09
25th May 2009  
Like Electronic Arts, my game titles are becoming ever more complex, with themes and years being added on, in an ever expanding way.
No matter, it's still only 12 characters long, so that's ok

Yesterday I made a decision that might break up AGameAWeek for a few weeks.
I don't seem to have nearly enough time, recently, so I'll pad things out a bit, and work on a lengthy project.
(Although, if it helps, I worked on a bunch of MidletPascal Java things, too, this week, so at least 2 games will still get posted tomorrow.. See, THAT's how you do AGameAWeek!!)

So, lengthy project.
A New JNKPlat, because, they're always fun!


The last time I attempted a JNKPlat3D, it wound up a little messy.
The 3D movement was the cause of about 700% of the problems.
Although it was fun to move back and forth, it became strangely confusing to also have an up and down as well..
So, this time I'm ignoring all that nasty back and forth stuff.
This time, we'll stick with left and right!!

You can probably ignore the kick ass framerate, as that'll be limited by the time you get to play it. But what's important to see, there, is the 3Dness of the test level.

(Well, I say a test level! In fact, it's a "How much can it handle" test, more than it is a gameplay test.)

The level is built upon 4 walls, which wrap around a cube.
In fact, the level is basically good-old JNKPlat level format, but really really long!
As the player reaches the extent of the front wall, they'll turn onto the right wall, and so on around the level.
It basically plays entirely in 2D, but with a nice 3D view to everything.
Should work out ok, play wise.

I'm currently playing around with the level arena 3D builder code, to see if I can extend it a wee bit more... But so far, so good. And I'm pretty happy with the results.
Although.. There's 0 gameplay in there, so far!

That'll come later!

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