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The Final Days
  16th April, 2017


Getting close to a fully working game, but I still have a number of things to tweak.


First, I need to get a menu working.

I'm currently thinking in packs of 5 levels. 5 little stars on the menu, complete a level to earn a star.
Then have a giant sprawling menu full of packs..
If you think back to Letter Lattice that's roughly the sort of menu I'll be aiming for.

Once that's in place, I've got audio to add, and then a little edge-neatening.
Otherwise, the game is currently fully playable.. Albeit that you can only access the first three levels packs (The usual Easy, Normal and Hard currently open different packs)

So, things are close, but not there just yet.
Hopefully I can get most of the important stuff done, today.

*fingers crossed*

And Happy Easter!

Daily Doodle : Fly Away!

Having nursed it back to health, Platdude lets his little birdy friend go free.
Bye Bye Birdy!


Closer I get,
Yet I'm still far away.
I've a whole lot of tasks
To be coded, today.


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