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18th April 2017
If you've any thoughts on this week's game, be sure to post them via comments or email or whatever. Any feedback will be added to this post.
Thanks for the Feedback!



Title made with quads for quadoban, excellent.

The title for this week's game was one of the first things that happened. Usually I don't find the right title for a game until the last day or so, but Quadoban felt right, right from the get-go.
(Although I wasn't sure if it should be Quadoban or Quadroban..)

Background score seems to fit the calm nature of the game.

Yeah, it needed calm music.
I could've honestly done with a few different tracks, though. That same one, over and over, gets a little repetitive after a while.

Scoring system is well thought out.

No thought required! 1 = 1!

First played trying complete the 5s, but later decided to complete first 2 levels in each 5s as it is more easier to complete more levels faster.

People often complain that I'm rubbish at level progression. Most of the time that's due to my levels being auto-generated. But this time I had the "Number of Moves" to keep things feeling progressive.
I think it's done a good job!
.. Maybe!

Menu is well integrated with this year's framework. When I started playing different color for finishing the each level confused me, I thought it might be how well the level is completed but after playing multiple levels, figured it is the same different colors for each level in the 5s.

The menu system is probably the most cobbled-together element of the game. With more time, I'd like to make everything a little neater, and more obvious. But.. For now, it'll do!

I think the addition of the spikes is the main differentiating factor in this game, it is very well done and adds difficulty in the higher levels in each 5s. How difficult was the level generation keeping the spikes position also into consideration?

The spikes were alarmingly easy for the generator. They simply spawn at random positions, as do the wall blocks.
The generator would first place all those elements down, and only THEN start to "Play" a level.
It places crates in random places, moves the player to a point where he could push a crates, then does just that.
After so many moves, it would "plant" the buttons, ensuring that those are always the end positions.
For a while, I tried building the levels backwards.. Starting from the buttons, then moving the crates back through the levels. But that ended up being a LOT harder, so instead I opted to play forwards, and did a lot of brute-force randomisation to make the levels feel more complicated than they are!

Right now my mind is buzzing playing the quadoban for 8 hours. Wanted to complete 250 (half the game) but managed only 247 till now.

I'll say this.. You've played a heck of a lot more than I have! And much more than I expected people to play.
It's certainly a decent game, and I'm glad it's part of my collection

Overall an excellent game with a huge potential for being a future mobile app as mentioned by JNK in the latest blog.

Yeah, I'm already planning ahead. A rejigged menu, and hopefully a method to play with just a touchscreen.
You might see an upgraded AppRelease in the future.

Game query feature in the online scoreboard is a welcome addition.

Yeah.. About time I added that, really! Planned to do it from the start, but it got away from me.
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