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Restless Night
  6th June, 2017


A stupid annoying dripping noise kept me awake, last night.


The weather in Britain is currently ... well, it's very British.
Middle of summer = Rain Rain Rain!
Something outside was dripping in an inconsistent pattern, and the drip drip drip kept me awake until well after 4am.
I eventually figured I might as well do something productive, since I was awake, so did my usual AGameAWeek compiling, uploading, etc.
Apologies if anything's broken due to my extreme tiredness at the time! But I think I managed most of the important parts.

This morning, I need to start planning another week's game.
There's one game, in particular, preying on my mind, and I'm currently wondering whether I should give that a go.


Meanwhile, over on the new site, I neatened up a few of the cookies, bundling a group of on/off bit flags into a single byte. I'm not 100% sure how cookies pass back and forth, but I figured it's probably a good idea to keep things down to a minimum.
I might, later, also create a larger "settings" cookie, and try bundling everything together, much like how my Monkey-X games store everything in a single .monkeystate file.
For now, yesterday's tweaks seemed to go smoothly enough.
Today I'm considering tackling the Notes feature. I'm not 100% sure what bits and pieces I'm going to allow/disallow, however.

I'm far too tired to think straight!!

Daily Doodle : On The Steps

Platdude takes some time out to think about the many things that have happened in recent weeks.
Hopefully the month ahead turns out better.


Some weeks it's a struggle.
The ideas are rare.
But a game I must make.
For the players, I care.


If you'd like to stuff my mailbag, (Please do!!) you can do so right here, at http://bit.ly/AGAW_Mail. Send comments, questions, game ideas, thoughts and more, and they'll usually show up on my daily blog, the very next day.

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