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Next Game?
  8th August, 2017


D'you think Thwackity Golf might be OK on iOS?!


I do like it as a game, but the AppStore is flooded with hundreds of golf games.
It might not be worth doing.

I might see what I can do with the title, though. I think it might be fun to try adding a few new bits and pieces to the game.
The engine is ready to have sand traps and water holes added to the courses, and I should probably look into character customisation.
Might also be nice to have more interesting objects around the place, and maybe some sort of more complicated course layouts.
I'm not sure if it's even worth it, though, as .. like I said, it'd just get lost within the huge number of Golf games already on there.
I'm certainly no great marketing genius!


As for this week's AGameAWeek game?
I currently have nothing planned, at all.
Looks like I'm going to be doing another week of "Whatever happens!!" and heading into it unplanned.
If you've any thoughts, let them be known!

Daily Doodle : Fishy Fishy

Feeding time for Penguin. Platdude's brought a lovely big fish for today's meal.


Happy to be back on iPhone.
It's good to know things work.
AGameAWeek is doable,
Once I fix the quirks.


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