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8th August 2017  
Each week, Player's submit their thoughts on that week's game.
Let's see what people thought of Bug destruction!


Game Overview: In a randomly generated level infested with a small number of big green bugs and lot of smaller white bugs the player is a floating exploding bomb. Using just 3 bombs per level the player has to kill all the green bugs to progress to the next level.


It's a simple enough concept, but a fairly repetitive game.
I really needed to add a few more interesting elements along the way, but .. Time, and lack of imagination are my enemies with AGameAWeek!

Gameplay: As I have not played this kind of game before it was new to me. In the easy initial levels there are so many smaller bugs that exploding the bomb in any place leads to chain reaction bombs that will help in killing all the green bugs and completing the level. But going to higher levels, strategically placing the bombs in the right places only will result in completing the levels.

The movement of the bugs is fairly random, but the game tries to ensure that there's usually a single path you can use at the start, to ensure all the bugs are vanquished in a single bomb.
Unfortunately, the bugs then start to wander about, making things much harder!
For a while, the game only let you use one single bomb, but the bug-movement necessitated the use of three bombs per level, instead.

I found the ability of the player to float around without getting affected by the level tiles quite interesting, as the player is a bomb it makes sense. The bombs explode after a nice concentric circle animation which makes accidental explosion impossible. Sometimes you need to time the explosion at the right moment to kill the green bugs.

The "delay" was added when I tried it on a touchscreen.
I found that I was accidentally detonating the bomb over and over again, simply because scrolling would get in the way of where the bomb is, frequently causing it to navigate under your finger, and randomly explode!
It skews with the timing a little more, but I don't think it's as bad as it could've been.
Just takes a little more forethought.

Graphics: Liked the chain reaction explosions and simple bug sprites.

For a long time, this week, I kept playing the game and considering it to be a bit "too" much like previous game, Boxsplodings.
I tried my best to distinguish it, but in the end it feels more like a sequel to that game. Hence its being in a similar vein.

Scoring: Completing the level with one bomb gives the highest scores and more points if all the bugs are wiped out.

You also get more points for a spreading chain reaction. Blasting in the center of a group will score less than blasting at the edge of the group, and having the explosion move through the group at length.
It's nice to have such a random set of possible scores for each level!

Music: A very pleasant background score. Would have liked more explosive sound when the bomb goes off.

I opted against "Boom", since there's tons of little explosions going on.
Boxsplodings has more explosive sounds, but then there's only a handful of explosive "blobs" in each level. As a result, although that still goes "Bangy bangy bang", it does so much less than this game would've.
I opted not to make it too bangy, by pretty much avoiding a bang sound.

Suggestions: Bonus bombs for killing a certain number of bugs in a single explosion or completing levels with single bomb could have helped in extending the game time.

Although I was also avoiding the "I've built up 100,000 bombs and can't possibly fail any more" issue that occasionally pops up when you can collect extra items.

I also think that having random speeds for the bugs has caused more problems than I'd've liked.
If instead the bugs were all moving at a specific speed, the levels would become much more formulaic, and therefore easier to find a good "Blast point" as a result..

Overall enjoyed playing the game.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Be sure to try out Boxsplodings. It's the same idea, but done in a different way, with predrawn levels and things.

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