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Blockman Gets a Zoom button!
28th October 2009  

Poor Blockman, all alone in a gigantic maze.
If only there were a way to zoom into the action..


Since Blockman Gets More will be handcrafted with lovingly gigantic (for me!) 64x64 pixel sprites, I've opted to add a nice lovely zoom button.
Starting at a 26x26 pixel zoom, Hit C once to zoom to 51x51 pixel, and then again to head to 75x75
Sure that's not really a sensible set of numbers, but it looks good onscreen.

You might notice that there's no 64x64 pixel "True Sprites, no antialias" option, there. Thing is, even if I made it 64x64, with all the 2Din3D stuff that Blitz is doing, it still ends up a little bit more smoothed out than raw. It's a shame, but 3D graphic systems don't appear to like doing per-pixel stuff. They prefer to cheat and have everything "nice".
Bah, Nice sucks!!

Ironically, if I actually used Blitz 2D capabilities it would all be nice and perpixel.
But then I lose all the color, rotation, scaling and transparency stuff.
You just can't win!

So, over with the Swine flu, and on with the coding.
The game's pretty much up and running, and currently has a set of 19 map layouts. More of those to come.
There's 4 skins, the egyptian theme, the grassy garden theme, a nice icey world (pacman style movement without stopping, on ice!) and the old favourite pacman neon-bar style skin.
I'm struggling to come up with some more, if you think of anything let me know.

I'm now attempting to come up with ways to make things harder, and what sort of nice additions I can add to the mix.

I might add a timer to the game...
We'll see...

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