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Y2:W17 - Traffic Cones
  8th December, 2009
Nothing magical, this week, more a game that was started but didn't really go anywhere.
If I had enough time this week, I'd have scrapped it and started something else, but it's been a bit of a tight week, time wise.. So.. Well, here it is!

Race around the 12 beautifully detailed (in traffic cones) race tracks, without hitting any cones.

Green blobs line the tracks, which must all be collected before you hit the chequered area. Complete 3 laps in time, to move onto the next level.

The 4th level is a bonus round! Hit all the cones you can, to bump up your score.

Race across 3 obscure test tracks, and 9 authentically recreated racetracks!!!
Can you name them all? No bonus points, just there for the fun of it!

Oh, yeah, and you can hold X to do a handbreak turn!!

You can Download Traffic Cones here, and then head over to the archive for all of that stuff..


Bug : There's some weird-ass bug that appears at the end of a track set.. If it starts to irritate, quit and restart.. Tried to fix it, but time's too limited!!

AGAW Scoring : 17 games, 17 weeks, but only 3 weeks until Xmas!!
I really need to start building up a little collection, or we'll have to skip a bit over the holidays!!

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