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Y2:W18 - Greenie's LCD Adventure
  15th December, 2009
This week has taken many twists and turns.
I started off making a nice game with a snowman, then that turned into a game with Greenie, then the new PC turned up and I spend a day or two playing with that but the whole network's down, and now I'm waiting on a new Router being delivered! blimey!

Meanwhile it's a chore getting from one system to the other, and that means I'm relying on a slightly-dodgy-not-quite-Win7-compatible edition Paintshop Pro 7 and a slightly-dodgy-not-quite-Win7-compatible edition of CoolEdit to help me make some games.
What a week!!

This week's Wednesday Workshop (#231 was to create an LCD game, so that's what I did.

Unfortunately, the need to cram everything into logical LCD cell positions (yep, they do indeed fit!) has meant the sprites have all cramped up into tiny unintelligable spaces.

So, in a slight tweak from the logicalness of the LCD's physical screen, I added the Improbability Button which makes things a bit more visible..

Aaaah, Much better!!

Take your pick, you can switch ingame, it's all the same.

The elements are placed pseudo-randomly throughout the level, so you can repeat the same quest until you're good at it! If you want to try a different set of random elements, hold a direction when you hit Z to start.
In addition, the map is mapped out in map.png. So if you get really bored, feel free to make your own.

You can Download Greenie's LCD Adventure here, and then head to The Archive to do your voting and commenting. .. Nobody seems to do that, though!


AGAW Scoring : 18 weeks, 18 games. We're a week away from my Xmas/New Year break, so I'd better get my ass in gear if I want to keep up my ratio!! Nooooooo...!!!

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