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4th February 2010  
The titlescreen of future games requires many things.

1. Title of Game
2. Credits
3. Highscores
4. Instructions
5. Menu

Individually they can all be nice and small, but put together, they tend to make things super-crazy! Especially when they're all equally fighting to attention.

Welcome to Framework Titlescreen Version 0.3

Title, Subtitle and "Press Key to Start" are staples, athough I'll be changing "Key" to "Click".
On the left, a whole box of credits, and on the right is the little highscore/graph thing that you've seen earlier.

I can easily fit a menu down the middle of that once I'm ready..
As for instructions.
I'm not too sure about those, actually. If I can keep them short I can bundle them next to "Press Key to Start", but.. who knows.
Centipong's fine, though, since it tells you what you're doing as you play.
Should be ok, right?!

Centipong : Tuesday!

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