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Last minute tweaking...
8th February 2010  
Or rather, rushing to implement the ideas suggested!!

As well as finally adding a "Enter Your Name" screen!

There's still a half-a-dozen little niceties that I'd like to add, before release. So, although this game WILL DEFINITELY be released tomorrow, it'll probably end up being Tomorrow morning + whenever I wake up + a few hours after that!
For example, it'd be nice to have more than one difficulty setting!! But to do that, I need to add that frontscreen menu thingy!

There's also the badges, which are technically do-able, but something I've not really gotten around to yet! (Although the highscore table does already have them ready for popping in..)


There's other little bits, but nothing's too important.

Centipong 2 : Tomorrow!!!

Oh, yeah, and "Centipong 2 : Gentler, Calmer, Crazier" does appear to be the final title, since it's grown on me quite a bit!

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