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Why I preferred ZooKeeper
  7th March, 2010
Moving from DS to iPod Touch has been a decent improvement, but.. boy, do I miss having buttons!!
There's also a fair few other little bits and pieces that aren't quite right.
WordJong, for starters, is only about 1/10th of the game it was on the DS, And, what's up with the audio, it's like something keeps messing with the sounds on the thing.
I dunno..
It's odd.

But there's one thing that I miss most of all. And that's ZooKeeper.
Sure, the iPod has Bejeweled, but it's just not the same.
ZooKeeper had that wonderful frantic nature, where you could shuffle two pieces, then shuffle two more, then more, and more, and keep the combo-chain going for AGES, whilst the game whittled away in the background trying to keep up.
I LOVED that.
Massive chains created by you, not by the somewhat random nature of falling blocks.

Then there were the challenges, too.
Trying to beat all those silly little rules, like catching 10 tigers without any other animals, and things like that.
They kept the game playable.

I much preferred ZooKeeper.
It was so much better.

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